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AIM: Rebeccachan14
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May 5, 2001

Freckles-chan!!!! Good to see you blogging again, didnt know what had happened for a while. Hope your internet gets fixed soons and the tornado doesnt come to your area.

Bla. >_< You complain about people thinking your drawings are like Sailor Moon? If people here even knew what Sailor Moon was, that would be a blessing. Although its kinda like the people in my classes thinking my drawings are like POKEMON. They are not like that at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today me and maybe Heather are going to the pictures with Suzi. *lol* Guess swhat? My sis tried to copy my Keiran drawing (maybe I'll upload it later, he looks cuteeeee in it!) and in school they had to do a comic so she done it in anime (a manga!!!) and now all her class are doing anime-like drawings... heeehheee, cool, I'm spreading anime, i'm corruption the 11yearolds minds around here....

Maybe blog later gotta go now, Ja ^_^
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May 4, 2001

0.o Other countries have different lunch periods. o.O Different times from eachother. I wouldnt like that.
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Oh and Deanna-chan, yes I'll be Ayako!

Ja +_+
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Hehe, today was loadsa fun!
Today was muck-up day since this is the last day the 6th years will be in school, next week and after that the 4th, 5th and 6th will be on study-leave and of course, the 6th years won't be coming back. Last year 6th years were banned from coming to school but this year they came anyway. They totally mucked up the girls toilets, with fairy liquid all over the windows and chucked the toilet paper in the bin, then went around throwing water bombs and spraying whipped cream (*laughs at Laura- that's what you get for wearing a white top on muck-up day!!!!!!). They poured bags of flour outside the r.e. rooms and mr burnside went really mad (serves him right, he just rearanged the seating and I HATE my table). Also they floured and egged some teachers cars, they are going to be SOOOOOOOO mad about that, and probably expelled because when it tries it'll probably take the paint off the car when coming off. Farmfoods across the road was totally sold out of whipped creme, they sold over 60 cans of it today. Today the quadrangle was a MESS and everyone had creme in their hair and their clothes were totally wet and cremed etc (not me phew, I escaped the mature 18 year olds wrath but georgina got creme all over her- except that was laura so maybe that doesnt count). Then the second years decided that they were so cool, bla bla bla, and got tomato bombs - Yuuuuuuuuuckkkk!!!!!

The disco was last night, my leg is immobile, it has lost all feeling in it and if you stay off they accuse you of being drunk (hehe, ali stayed off coz he has a hangover- 8 pints of cider kev said- and his dad is the modern studies teacher!!!). The disco was okay, but it was mostly the girls in our little "group" that went. It was 1st to 6th!!! You could only go if you wear dress code, black and white, when you get ticket (athough i just wore a black t-shirt and jeans) so not many people could go so they made it 1st to 6th year to get more people to come and since the 6th years couldnt come back unless had it tonight. I cant be bothered going into details.

Cardcaptor Sakura has started on nickelodeon! I watched it earlier today, the episodes when Sakura caches the Fly, Shadow and Water card, and the first episode. It's the dubbed version but oh well, that's better than nothing.
Escaflowne is on later tonight, I'm gonna watch it, I love that anime show! I missed it last night u_u because of the disco. Acks, need to catch up on blogs now!

Ja ~_~
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May 1, 2001

First of all, it's Meg-Chan's birthday!!! Happy B-day, Meg-Chan!!! *gets out the drink* Hehe, let's party. I did a little thing for you... but my scanner wrecked it. So here's a substitute made from a sketch. Yeah, I know, its rubbish, I'll try the other later.
Talking of sketches, becca went sketch-mad today!!! I did 20 page sketches of people, mostly my friends. And guess what! This guy Chris, in my class, saw them and asked to see my 'manga'. Of course, I was dumbfounded. He knew what Manga was!!!! Ok, he got manga mixed up with anime but at least he has heard of the name! You dont know how rare that is.... perhaps another member of our worldwide cult?

Anyway, here's what my very messy sketches look like:
Nadia (my friend)
Becky (another friend)
Keiran (that dumb-ass kyara of mine, 'cept it's kinda messed up. I had a better one of him holding onto Miko- yes! that was a rare moment, they looked scared, I thought it was quite good but it's too light to scan u_u
Also, I was fooling about with my present to Meg and this version kinda looks like it has Japanese writing on it. Cool, I think. It's not really Japanese writing, it's just "I love you" put over each other and turned around a lot. If the link doesn't work, its coz I haven't got off my lazy ass yet (sorry, d, i stole your phrase!) to upload it (to spree).

I can't be bothered scanning everything else. Oh.... my back is killing me. It's been killing me all day, when I bend or move or do anything ACK. I had my maths exam yesterday, FIRST PERIOD!!! Acks, what a time. And TWO exams in ONE period!!! The non-calculater was pimps but the calculater was more complicated, mainly because I didn't revise at ALL (yeah, I'm stupid, I know it). Bio exam next week, same day as Computing exam but that'll be easy, I only wish it was a practical exam, that would be even easier and I might even have time left over to blog.

In english today we did last years standard grade credit paper. Grr, I thought we don't get next years advanced work till, next year!!!! Man, heather's not even done her exam paper yet. *roll eyes* Oh well, it was okay because you get a bit of a choice, I jumped at the chance to do a story. It had to be 'Crime doesn't pay' I had one period to do it, that was all! Damn it, how are you supposed to do a decent story in that? The exams next year have more time. This is going to account for part of our end year grade as well. Anyway, I did one on a guy that joined a load of gangsters, they did loadsa bad stuff (naughty boys!), .... abused.. servants, then got the guy got shot by his father, a police officer who didnt know it was him, and killed in a very vile way on bloody sunday. Okay, I'm both a fan of jack higgins and feeling very evil today. At the end I had a load of crap how his boss said dont be traitor coz betrayal doesnt pay, but crime doesnt pay either. on [bloddy sunday] he got killed blabla by .... Part of the killing process was being put through a cement mixer of course, but he got stabbed loads and pins put through him too.

Damn I feel angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disco on thursday but can you believe it, the first/second years complained they wanted a 1st to 3rd year disco instead of 1st to 6th. Damn them, why couldnt they leave us out of it??? Now we're stuck with boring 1st to 2nd years. Oh well, at least we get run of the disco since were oldest. It'll be fun anyway. But I wanted 4th years to come, and 6th (and 5th of course).

This is a long blog, I'll stop now.

Ja _
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Thanks Freckles for the translations.

So I am TK? I like TK. He's cute in the new episodes! Then Cody... knowledge, Kari, Light- hey, her name is my blog, thats cool. Izzy, knowledge again,
Tai, courage
Sora, love (her and Tai make the most perfectest couple evarrr
Joe, reliability was it? cant remember
Ken (ugh!!!!), um, kindness?
Mimi, sincerity

I like Mimi. How come shes's last?
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