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AIM: Rebeccachan14
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May 10, 2001

Oh yeah and I am doing a new version of my website, the other SUCKS and I feel like it, and also I shut down my interactive Hogwarts ;_; I just don't have time to update it anymore. Maybe in future it'll open again? Its still a bit interactive anyway... Sorry Sara! (not Freckles)and sorry Guy!!!!!!!! I'll miss you guys!!! Well,

baibai ja ^_~
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Chibi-Alex did my quiz too! FYI, Hikari is an alias of me, and a character in an old manga of mine that no one has seen (and it's going to stay that way). That's where Tristan is from too.

Ughh!!! I had a huge computing test today and also my Bio CREDIT one and I'll tell you this, it was HARD! I wanna come to your school Freckles and get your easy test not this stupid one!!!!

;_; Rebecca-Chan is sad. Her 4th year friends are off on study-leave. Some are leaving school forever, or town, for college or whatever and I won't see most of them in school ever again. I'll see Heather and Louise coz they live really near me but Lara lives too far away. ;_; Not that that's a bad thing or anything....

We got our Work Experience choices today. They were pretty crap, I put down first choice Information Technology (examples, Telecommunications- WHAT IS THAT?, Library, Journalism). I don't see what any of these have to do with IT. 2nd choice: Leisure, eg- swimming, horses, theatre. 3rd I put animals, eg animal welfare and vet, 4th choice I put teaching. Yes!!! I offered to help teach the little brats!!! Mostly I chose 3 + 4 because the other choices were'nt that good, mostly like storework (stacking shelves in Safeway is NOT my idea of fun) although I do like most animals (not bugs... ew *shudder* well not most bugs).

Tomorrow is the last day of 3rd year!! Wierd thing here is we go into the next year BEFORE the summer hols, I think its just to give experience or whatever. I dun really wanna go into 4th year that soon because that means the standard grades are closer and i'm failing maths, my teacher put me in the wrong class i think, i cant keep up with all the brainboxes.

*HEHE* My english teacher liked my story!!! Usually she goes mad at people who make *violent* stories but she just said to me she liked it, it was well constructed although it could perhaps be a little less farfetched. Farfetched?? Has she been to Ireland yet???? Hello, these things to happen! This isn't fairyland!!!!

I had Dance today! I was cool coz we all ran away from class (it was a hot day) and we were barefooted at the boys playing football cheering them on and also making fun of cheerleading (we had pompoms from dance). *big gulp* teacher said i was artistic with my hands (how come i cant draw then!!!) and made my go front!!! aghh i dont like the front!!! stephanie likes it though _ what attention-seeker.

*yawn* I'm bored, I'm gonna go surf the web. DAMN IT! I forgot what I was going to say. Hey, Freckles and Chibi-Alex might be making a kami! Cool I'd read that. Or is it definate? That would be cool, I would like to co-author something with someone some day (mostly because my drawing skills are really bad ^_^;

Oh well, baibai!!!!
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May 9, 2001

Okay, ignore the previous post link and try out this selector. It has more kyara in it, more questions so it is more accurate. Please try it and tell me who you are!!!! I'd be interesting to see who everyone is..... it was a bit annoying doing but fun and fun to see who i am myself.... d-chan i lurve your piccy you showed to me, it is NOT crap, I like it!!! Eurgh, I had loadsa tests today. I cant be bothered saying anything... maybe later.

Ja ^_~

And how the heck is everyone finding out their search results for their blogs?????
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May 8, 2001

I created a select smart quiz! It chooses which of my kyara is most like you, I haven't put all of my kyara in it (that would take houyrs to do! ^_^) but most of my kami characters are there and a few more. Try it out! Please!

Ja ^_~
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