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Nicknames: Hikari, Becca, Becks, Rebba-chan, Rebecca-chan,
B-Day: 14th February
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Hair: Dark blonde
Eyes: Green
Likes: Drawing, Writing, Listening to music, talking online, Anime, Manga, Kamishibai, KiSS dolls, Angels, Furries, Lord of the Rings
Fav Anime: CCS, Escaflowne, Tenchi Muyo, X-Men Evolution
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Fav Music: Ayumi Hamasaki, Madonna, Melanie C, Shania Twain, Linkin Park, Two-Mix, some others
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AIM: Rebeccachan14
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May 19, 2001

Chris! You HAVE to let me see your pictures, since I showed you really horrible ones of me... Ugh I feel so depressed today. And a certain SOMEONE is making my life a misery I FUCKING HATE HIM!!!! (Sarah, its that guy I was on about one time on AIM spreading those... rumours). I hate my life.
I dont know what I'm getting for job experience yet. Geo got *wontsaynameforprivacyreasons* castle! Ohmygod, CELEBRITIES go there!!!!
I cant draw ;_; I just about finished Zombi Blood, I was working my ass off on it last night, I just need to replace a few pictures that i don't like and it'll be all done... but who would want to read it anyway?

The only refferal I have so far is 'rebecca-chan'. How original.

Ja >_<
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May 17, 2001

Ohmygod!!!! I feel so wierd, someone was MURDERED here, last night! *big gulp* It was on the local radio in the morning and during Biology we werent doing work but listening to the radio to find out who it was. They were shot or stabbed, across from the kiddies nursery!!! Ohmygod Rachel is wnting work experience there!!!!!!!!! There's a murderer near me!! 0.0
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May 16, 2001

I did Alex's kyara quiz. Here are my results:

# 1 Shitenshi
# 2 Larou
# 3 Sincerity
# 4 Leo
# 5 Pomegranate
# 6 Kenji
# 7 Megan
# 8 Marchelle
# 9 Shawn
# 10 Arisa
# 11 Rossy
# 12 Fisher
# 13 Adam

Hey freckles, I'm Shitenshi too. Thats wierd although I guess I am a bit like him. And also, you asked who Copper was, she's from a series of mine, shes a girl with wiccan powers of Light (spirit) and btw Devan is like her soul mate except he keeps being unfaithful and coming back to her.

I also did my kyara tests, in my first one (short) I was Miko from Zombi Blood and the second (long) one I was Hikari-Chan. I dunno why I wasn't Hikari in the first, she's my alias (shes so kawaiii, shes an elf her kami vers), I guess I based Miko on me more than I realised.

Cmon ppl keep taking the quiz!!! ^__^ I'm going over to take some other quizes... the colour one has no purple? Dang, that was my fav colour...

Ja ^_~

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May 15, 2001

I found out how to do those refferer thingies. I wonder if I'll get any funny search hits?
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_ Ughhhhhh..... All my problems are due to men and boys. Why do they exist...... damn them..... *apologies to all the nice guys I know. Okay, let's see what news I have today....

I got a request in school today, for my 'book' (its where all my anime drawings are). Chris wanted to see them (hes the guy that had heard of manga... yeah, here 0.0) although he said that they were 'disturbing', since I kept having the same guy topless over and over again and also loadsa blood and gore pics (zombi blood WILL have some people dying, its not one of those happy-go-lucky fairytales). lol, he thought i was some kinda stalker... the guy was KEIRAN! Stalking Keiran, hahaha!!!!!! As if.

Blogger won't publish. Wahhh. So why am I writing? I dunno, I'm bored and getting no IMs today, its the stupid time difference. I was talking to lost yesterday, there's a SIX hour time difference between here and there. Cmon, people, rebeccachan14 on AIM and rebek14 on hotmail!

Lolly has disapeared from hotmail lately.

I think I'll go take some quizes... oh yeah, and I'm going to sign up with that place that gives you all the funny refferals, I wonder what I'll get...

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May 13, 2001

Damn blogger, PUBLISH!!!!
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Waii!!! My buddy list won't show on AOL. Wats up????

Oh what the heck, never mind. Well on Friday it was last day of 3rd year and I didn't even have to go to any classes!!! Hahahaha! What happened was that the Art Highers (A-Levels, qualifications for last yrs of school) were on and they needed models and they asked me if I would do it so I did so I missed classes (although i still had break and lunch), but I am NEVER doing it again, my leg is still soooo stiff! I had to stay in an uncomfortable position for four hours my leg was in a deformed shape owowowow.

Then, yesterday, me, Alice, Georgina and Rachel went up the glen we took Alice's collie too, we were jumping off rocks into the water though the big bridge is shut off due to foot and mouth so we couldn't jump off that. The currents were pretty strong and it was deep but we can all swim well except for Rachel so we were okay. Georgina pushed me off the rock into the water before I was wet wearing my shorts and WHITE t-shirt!!!! The water was so cold.... note for future- never wear a white t-shirt swimming... oh well, it was fun anyway and it was really hot so i got a suntan ^_^ Later we went to the pictures and saw Chocolat, that is a good film it is so funny!!! Ugh, I want chocolate now...

Today we went to brewers faire, my family, my cuz's family and Iona's family _ (luckily Iona didn't come and I buggered off anyway into town). I was going to buy Black & White but I decided to keep it till later and order a Manga off amazon.

Anyway, Georgina came over here today!! So her, me and Rachel hung about here for a while and walked to the shops and everything. Tomorrow is school again.... since I'm 4th tomorrow thats a reminder that i'll be sitting my prelims and standard grades, starting november... ugghhh (they are qualifications, like for your cv to get you into college/uni). Everyone expects me to want to go to St Andrews or Oxford/Cambridge, but St. Andrews is okay but I want to go to uni abroad anyway.

Long post!!!! Well, better wrap it up, remember to take my quiz!!

Ja ^_~
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