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AIM: Rebeccachan14
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June 22, 2001

Oh yeah I forgot to say, our Biology class went on strike yesterday because the teacher sent David out of the class (our class is 99% made up of girls ^_^) we just turned around and wouldnt face him and would talk to him except some of us yelled at him it was fun ^^

Plans for tomorrow: i am going biking with Alice all morning, we'll take some food with us then a whole crowd of us is going bowling at night, yeah it'll be fun!!!
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Geo was wearing a "Canada Kicks Ass" t-shirt today (she Canadian) and I was teasing her about that saying it should be "Canada Sucks Ass" just to annoy her... oopsie! too many canadians on the net I shouldn't have said that *hides from hoshi, meg-chan, and especially D) sorry!!!! ^_^**** Yeah Canadas actually pretty neat, better than here anyway.... *SIGH*
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*giddy* I just had a LONG chat with T. ^_____^ It was about Discworld *waves to
Lolly* See, we do have something in common!! We are both avid Discworld fanatics,
we love our Goddess... *bows to Terry Pratchett* Yeah I know I said Goddess not
God, thats just an inside joke. ^_^

* nods understandingly*
Yup I know just how that is, Freckles-chan... except now
some certain people arenít saying me and G arenít a perfect couple *growls at the
thought* since NOW they think I like Chris.... and he thinks it too. Thanks a lot Geo,
couldnít you have picked someone I didnít know or something??? Iím sick of people
saying that thereís stuff going on between me and my friends... Iím sick of it...

*winces* My maths teacher is yelling at me again now, because she caught me
drawing in maths..... hey, Iíd finished, but she was still mad... >_<

Chris, yes, Iím very aware that a lot of Japanese art is really beautiful, but the stuff
my art teacher showed me WASNíT Japanese art, it was art OF Japanese people, and
NOT flattering.... *changes subject* Video Girl Ai.... man, Iím so jealous... I canít get
a hold of that, I canít buy any manga here at all, it doesnít show on tv and
Blockbusters doesnít have any anime vids and thatís our only video renting place...

I HATE my computing studies teacher, for the first time in my life, Iíve done really
bad in a computing test... See, today we were supposed to get a big French speaking
exam and there was and A4 chunk of text we had to memorise to say, and two extra
bits, one of which she would tell us to say (we wouldnít know which till the actual
exam) and then sheíd ask us a bunch of questions as if she was a French tourist and
we had to be some Tourist Office person... man, I didnít even know half of the
questions in ENGLISH.... Anyways, she put out a notice asking all teachers to refrain
from giving us tests today because we really needed to revise since it accounted for
50% of our Standard Grade results, and since thatís the official qualifications that
help get us into uni or that, that is pretty important... So the people in our French class
that have Computing Studies today didnít revise ANYTHING at all thinking that we
wouldnít get our test.... and what does our Computing teacher do? He doesnít listen
and goes and gives us it anyway!!

*growls* Okay, well end of rant... I think

Hey I just realised, I will only be 16 when I leave school, for uni or that, how cool is
that? Most people are 16 in 4th year but Iím not till near the end of 6th year. Cool ^^

At last, something good to talk about... Sports Day Iím chosen for Mountain Biking
(up the zig-zags... *gasp* oh man how the hell am I gonna manage that???), Tug of
War (I wanted Modern Dance because I got a credit grade in that for P.E. Studies but
oh well, Itíll be fun anyways) and, debating! Iím with Rachel (not my
one-of-my-best-friends Rachel, other one!), as soon as the people in my house in my
year heard there was going to be debating, they automatically said ďRebecca can do
it!Ē Hehee, itís because Iím good at ďargueingĒ.... Hey donít blame me I like a good
old argue, Iím VERY stubborn. ^_^

Oh man I have a ton of e-mails from Kat and Orion and everyone at Nemesis (online
comic i mentioned earlier where I just joined as a writer) I need to answer them....
And then I need to check up with our blogs (especially D, since her blog is banned in
school because of ďinapproriate page contentĒ - well, Chrisís blog is usually banned
too for the same reason, but it wasnít today!). And also the forums, since my stupid
school bans them too... and I need to figure a way to delete the history in my schoolís
browser but they disabled properties, most of the menus, and delete as well so I donít
know how Iíll do that... *sigh*

Just did a nifty animation for zombi blood but I probably wonít need it till part 2,
Hoshi and D you were wanting to va, I donít know if I mentioned before, but in part 2 I need vas for a yuri couple... um do you not mind?? Talk to ya guys later prolly.

Hmm, Blogger added a spell-check facility, nifty...

anyway, this is a BIG blog, so for now Iíd better say baibai.

Ja!! ^___~
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June 19, 2001


I wanna go theres never been anything like it before but I'm not allowed...

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Oh yeah the address for my quiz so Heather u can take it
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Hey Becky did my selector quiz thingy... hmm, I think I might update that someday since I don't have some characters in it (I don't have Falcon, Kori or Kan in it..) Anyway she got some um strange results:

#1: Hikari-Chan
#2: Miko (Zombi Blood)
#3: Kolei (An Elf Story)
#4: Copper, spirited Light
#5: Andy, spirited Fire
#6: ChiChi (Zombi Blood)
#7: Keiran (Zombi Blood)
#8: Storm K'Lanziel
#9: Lan K'Lanziel
#10: Rei (An Elf Story)
#11: Warui (Zombi Blood)
#12: Alex adopted into K'Lanziel
#13: Melee (An Elf Story)
#14: Dit, angel of Death(DIT)
#15: Devan
#16: Gabriella, angel of Love (DIT)
#17: Crystal adopted into K'Lanziel
#18: Tristan Avery
#19: Kade (Zombi Blood)
#20: Shiun (DIT)

Hikari-Chan 1? NO WAY!!! That can't be true because Hikari is.... NICE. And Copper is too far up the list. Sorry Becky ^_^ But it's true, you should have been Kolei no Falcon no hang on shes not there... Anyway, I didn't even know that a Tristan McAvery existed, that's cool that he does because one of my kyara is Tristan Avery and I made him up totally not knowning about Tristan MacAvery so its oh what the hell am I rabbling on about? Going now.

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I have a SWEET picture of Kori Sentoki (Keiran's sis) and Falcon Hayabusa from Zombi Blood..... (they're gay) I think I'll upload it sometime... Ya know its funny coz Falcon is just this tough nut and Kori is just REALLY sweet and quiet and Miko's sensei.... Oh well, I upload it some other time, baibai!

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I feel a bit better today probly coz I'm not talking to a certain little bastard but anyway heres my blog for the day:

I forgot to say yesterday but my art teacher said that she heard I was interested in Japanese Art and that she had been interested in it when she was my age. So I thought, cool, and she gives me this book to look at in class "Japanese Art" and do you know what? It's not anime, its stupid paintings OF Japanese people and they're like a mile wide with double chins! I really need to introduce that woman to REAL anime, bishouen, yuri, yaoi, hentai.... oh yeah that'd be fun.

Oh yeah and before I go, I finished some ZB profiles but I don't know if I should post them here.. some of it might be a bit of a spoiler, should I put them up anyway? I wrote it in Microsoft Write (from MS works, I don't have MS Word anymore I don't know why) and for some reason I can't save it as HTML or copy it to frontpage express so I can't upload it into a webpage...

Oh well, Ja!

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June 17, 2001

Thought of the Day: BASTARD!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!! *growls*

Now that I have that out- ^_^ Nothing much to say today... ooh, Karth thought I was 18!! Haha, I WISH! *shakes head* Well


And those pics should work now ^_~
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