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Nicknames: Hikari, Becca, Becks, Rebba-chan, Rebecca-chan,
B-Day: 14th February
Sunsign: Aquarius
Planet: Uranus
Hair: Dark blonde
Eyes: Green
Likes: Drawing, Writing, Listening to music, talking online, Anime, Manga, Kamishibai, KiSS dolls, Angels, Furries, Lord of the Rings
Fav Anime: CCS, Escaflowne, Tenchi Muyo, X-Men Evolution
Fav Manga (comics): Sailor Moon, X-Men, CCS
Fav Music: Ayumi Hamasaki, Madonna, Melanie C, Shania Twain, Linkin Park, Two-Mix, some others
Fav Authors: J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Brian Jacques, Terry Pratchett, Philip Pullman, Mercedez Lackey
Comic: Nemesis
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AIM: Rebeccachan14
MSN: HikariNoKosen

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July 12, 2001

According to those *bitches >_<* at the sparks.com, I will die:

August 21, 2059
at the age of 72 years old.

On that date I will most likely die from:

Cancer (25%)
Heart Attack (12%)
Alien Abduction (9%)
Alcoholism (9%)
Horrible Accident (9%)
Third Degree Burns (7%)
Loneliness (5%)
Drowning (5%)
Confusion (5%)

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And according to Love Calculator me and the person I like are only 27% compatible. ;________; !

And according to theSparks, i'm male!!!!!!!! Bitches!!!!
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*lol* Hey, my best celeb matches are as follows:

Elijah Wood 95%
(physical: 100%, Emotional: 95%, Intellectual: 95%, total: 95%)

Justin Timberlake 82% (...)
Lil Bow Bow 81% (????)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas 80% (???????)
Haley Joel Osment 76% (!)

But who the heck is elijah wood (and for that matter the lil and jonathan guys!) and isn't Haley Joel Osment a..... kid!!



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July 10, 2001

*points to her hair* It's dark red now! ^____^

According to The Spark's Gay Test, I am 33% gay supposedly more gayer than the average straight female and thats without answering some questions...

Everyone is posting what posters and stuff they have. Wanna know what I have? NONE! Yep that's right, because my stupid fucking country doesn't even have ANYTHING to do with anime other than pokemon and digimon videos! It is DAMN annoying! (but i ordered some manga over the internet so they should come soon ^_^)

I have a photo of me..... eeeeek

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July 9, 2001

I forgot, can anyone tell me how to say Ray of Light in Japanese, is it Kosen no Hikari or Hikari no Kosen? Thanks in advance...

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What did I tell you? Chi Chi is bad to the bone, man!!!

Chi Chi noYagato's alignment is: Neutral Evil

With 1 points towards Lawful
and 23 points towards Evil

Total Scores
Good 19
Evil 42
Lawful 30
Chaotic 29

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Aw... My D&D alignment:

Rebecca-chan's alignment is: Neutral Good

With 7 points towards Chaotic
and 21 points towards Good

Total Scores
Good 40
Evil 19
Lawful 27
Chaotic 34

Isn't that nice? *snickers* Now I'll do Chi Chi and get totally the opposite...
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Lifted off Freckleís blog:

Would you rather...?
1. Pierce your nose or tongue? Nose, having a tongue pierced is just eurgg (some of
my friends got their tongue done and its ewww)
2. Be serious or be funny? Depends on the situation
3. Whole or skim milk? Neither
4. Single or Taken? Single u_u *hinthint if heís reading this*
5. Simple or complicated? Complicated. I am anyway ^_^
6. Law or anarchy? Huh? Well we have both a Prime Minister and a Queen here and I
donít like any of our choices for Prime Minister, but both if they were both kay
7. Flowers or angels? Angels! *heart* Von!!
8. Grey or gray? Grey stupid, thats how I spell it anyway
9. Read or write? Iím a writer but I read too
10. Color or black-and-white photos? Colour (with a U in there!!)
11. Sunrise or sunset? Both are nice
12. M&M's or Skittles? Skittles, but I like M&Mís too, but I rarely have either
13. Rap or rock? Rock damn it!!!! Iím a rock girl through and through! (tho i like
other stuff... but not rap)
14. Stay up late or wake up early? Stay up late ^_^; And I wake up late too
15. TV or Radio? TV, I only listen to the radio when Iím in the car (then I listen to
Radio 1)
16. Is it POP or SODA? NEITHER, just a can of coke or Irn-Bru damn you!
17. X or O in Tic-tac-toe? XXXXXXXXXXX
18. Name Brand or not? Iím wearing name brand stuff right now but I donít give a
19. Eat an apple or an orange? Apples, oranges are too sticky!
20. What came first the chicken or the egg? How about one of my friends theory,
both? That doesnít work does it, chicken then
21. Hot or Cold? Cold, actually, I guess because iím used to it, but I would hate to be
really hot and sweaty too
22. Butter or Margarine? I donít like either
23. Tall members of the opposite sex or short? About the same as me, maybe a bit
24. Sun or moon? Both! Both are really cool!
25. Emerald or ruby? Ruby, but Amythest is my birth stone
26. Shower or bath? Shower usually, since iím usually rushing in the morning
27. Left or right? Right
28. 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? I have lots of best friends
29. Vanilla or chocolate ice cream? Chocolate
30. High or drunk? Well Iím high (not no drugs!!! donít be getting ideas!!) anyway
normally, so..... drunk? ^_^
31. Green beans or carrots? Carrots
32. Love or Lust? Love
33. Fenced in yard or open? Whatever
34. Kids or no kids? I donít care as long as theyíre not brats but probably not, at least
until iím a lot older
35. Half empty or half full? both!!!!!!
36. Cat or dog? Doggies!!! *heart* I love doggies even big man-eating ones
(doberman dogs are cuuuute!)
37. Mustard or ketchup? Ketchup tho I rarely call it that, mustard is disgusting
38. Hard covered books or paperbacks? Depends how much money I have but
hardbacks keep better, all my favourite books are in hardbacks
39. Newspaper or magazine? Both but most stuff in the newspaperís a loud of crap
41. Sandals or sneakers? Sneakers, *lol*!!! Neither, I prefer trainers (what we call
them here)
42. Wonder or amazement? Wha? I thought they were the same
43. Red car or white car? If I had to choose, white, but Iíd prefer another colour
44. Happy and poor or sad and rich? Happy and sad I guess, but I would prefer in
45. Singing or dancing? Dancing, I do modern dance (like in music videos, not the old
boring stupid stuff!) and I canít sing for peanuts- or anything!
46. Hugging or Kissing? Kissing no da!! ^__^ If itís a certain *ahem* someone
47. Corduroy or plaid? um..... wha?
48. Happy or sad? Iíd rather be happy obviously but a lot of the times Iím not.
49. Purple or green? Purple yai!!! Purple makes a cool hair colour as well...
50. A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friends? A lifetime of friends but not celibate!!!


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*phew* Iíve caught up with the other blogs now, I have loads of quizes and stuff to do
no faair!!!! But before I do it, what hair colour do you guys think would be cooler,
dark purple (dark mahogany) or dark red (normal mahogany)? Iím dying my hair but I
donít know which colour to use!! Oh yeah, itís not permenent of course!! But what
colours should I go for?

Anyway, next stuff....

Meg that name thing is totally cool!!! Fyi, I got ďfrom this day forward you will also
be known as Black-Eyed AlcoholicĒ. *lol*!!!!!!

I did my Kyara as well (from Zombi Blood) and they got:

Keiran Sentoki: Spiteful Bee (haha, thatís funny but I donít know if thatís him, he
really only argues with Miko...)
Miko Kunsaki: Pure Doctor (wierd.. I mean she's pure and all, but where did doctor come from? Maybe Miko meaning priestess?)
Kori Sentoki: Boxing Pussy (*lol*!!!! It's a shame Falcon din't get this but Kori can be as cold as ice *hinthint her name* as well as being a nice little kitty)
Falcon Hayabusa: Faster Metronome (I have no idea where this came from, yeah she's fast but metronome what that?)
Kanshu NoShi: Emaciated Poet (oh, *lol* how true, how true. With his crush on Miko and all, poet just suits him..
Chi Chi noYugata: Asphyxiated Lipstick-Trace (and i found this funny, her shorter name just Chi No Yugata got Unclean Ass!! Wowa she'd be mad at that!)

Warui and Kade got Bitter Prince and Boxing Monkey, and that is so true for warui but Kade the zombie a monkey? A boxing monkey? Wierd....

And I found funny, Becky got ďStammering ShithouseĒ.

Now Iím going to go away and do the other stuff,


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^_^; Haven't blogged all week. Well I'm back. Hereís what Iíve been doing the whole week Iíve been so lazy I havenít blogged:

Thursday: Got out of school, did nothing in school except draw in Biology while
talking, have a chalk-fight in S.E *glares at the boys in that class* and skip P.E. to
watch a load of gymnastics and stuff in the hall. Hardly anyone was in school but it
was fun, at night I didnít go out, just talked on the phone and went on the net and

Friday: Got woke up early in the morning by Georgina who wanted me and Rachel to
go into town, went into town, had lunch, talked, bumped into a few people, shopped,
went to Geoís, and then at night we went to see Bridget Joneís Diary with Lauren. It
was okay, but in my opinion out of the three guys, the gay one was the nicest, the
others were a jerk and a nerd. So, after the film Lauren went home and we hung about
the town (about midnight, *lol*) Rachel called out to *someone* that I liked him
when hes a fucking asshole, I wasnt happy, we went to McDonalds, I was happy, went
home, Becky Lynne and Fiona were on the bus so that was good.

Saturday: Went over to Georginaís, hung about, went into town, not much interesting,
but they are obsessed with trying to get me wear tiny dresses!!!! *wails* no-fair!!!!!
;___; It was okay tho, that day.

Sunday: Rachel phoned but I was lazy and didnít want to go back to town (Iíd already
been in the morning, and anyway most shops were closed), hung about all that day
doing hardly anything.

Monday: Went into town, usual stuff bla bla bla.

Tuesday: Went to Heatherís, I havenít been up there in ages!! Had loadsa fun, she was
telling about this guy sheís friends with (or maybe more! hehehe), how sheís going to
Holland to see her cousin, we watched this film, I canít remember the name, but it
was really funny! It had this totally cute little boy in it he was so adorable!! And it
was really funny!! I think it was Big Daddy or something.

Wednesday: Went away for the day to *entercitynamehere*, it was fun, went
shopping, I got a really beautiul tiger top to go with my tiger jeans.

Thursday: Spent most of the time travelling, to England for a wedding, stayed in a
cool hotel, it was a fun night.

Friday: Went into the town with my cousins and their boyfriends, played pool in a
pub, went to the wedding, it was really fun, it was in this big castle, wore my tiger
stuff and my cousin did my hair up really fancy and nice.

Saturday: Went to town, visited the couple who were getting married, and more stuf I
canít remember..

Sunday: Went into town again since I was packed already, got some hair dye, we all
went to Stephenís (he was getting married) and saw my dadís uncleís three horses
(*heaaaaaaaat*), and two dogs (*more heaaaaart*). Went home (;_;).

Today: Went to the opticians, and also Iím going to get different frames on my glasses
and my right lense stronger, went around the town, came home and had dinner, and
then typed this!!!

Well thatís my blogs for the weeks, now I need to go check my e-mail, so

Ja! ^_____________^
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