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Nicknames: Hikari, Becca, Becks, Rebba-chan, Rebecca-chan,
B-Day: 14th February
Sunsign: Aquarius
Planet: Uranus
Hair: Dark blonde
Eyes: Green
Likes: Drawing, Writing, Listening to music, talking online, Anime, Manga, Kamishibai, KiSS dolls, Angels, Furries, Lord of the Rings
Fav Anime: CCS, Escaflowne, Tenchi Muyo, X-Men Evolution
Fav Manga (comics): Sailor Moon, X-Men, CCS
Fav Music: Ayumi Hamasaki, Madonna, Melanie C, Shania Twain, Linkin Park, Two-Mix, some others
Fav Authors: J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Brian Jacques, Terry Pratchett, Philip Pullman, Mercedez Lackey
Comic: Nemesis
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AIM: Rebeccachan14
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August 3, 2001

*sweatdrops* Okay guys ignore the previous posts, I stayed over at Sion's, and while doing some on their computer we got mad and wrote stuff on my blog... okay... er...

Anyway I stayed over, we made burnt jam tarts and pancakes (the thin crepe ones!) with lemon and sugar... mmmmm... yum..... And later we went bowling and had two games, I won the second, well ja!
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August 1, 2001

*BIG GLARE* kieran is a jerk i don't get up to anything with im (but him and miko, that a different story eh lost knows ^__^ i have witnesses!!) and calling my kyara a cartoon! *everyone gasps* DARN YOU THEYRE NOT CARTOON ITS ALL DISNEYS FAULT THEY WRECKED YOUR BRAIN BURN THEM BURN THEM!!!!!!
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rebchan gets a bit proective because its the only real man in her life and she well...umm... better just leave it 2 yer imaginations what she and her man cartoon get up to!!!!
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*glares at her friend* MY blog dang it MINE!!! And Hikari he's MINE too MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!!!!! - eek sorry a bit over-protective of my kyara ^_^

Sion? Don't you mean warui hentai-hime ^^________^ - *laughing her head off because she won't know what I mean*

baibai people ignore
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i am a lil pink elephant and i have invaded ur space i'll b after u next.
luv n hugs Sion

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eek, sorry Freckles-chan ^_^; I've just been a lazy git and busy lately, but look! I'm blogging!

Nice new layout Ribby! I liked the CCS idea better, (*heart Li, glares at all the people who don't like him*) but it's kawaii anyways!

Oh, sorry you're not well Chris-kun, was it an alergic reaction or something? Well hope yo get better soon

And Meg, I read your comic too!!! It's cool!! ^__^

Okay now that that's all over....

New pic, it's Hikari- uh not the me Hikari ^_^; he's an RPG self I use and from a kami I'm working on, Kosen no Hikari... I can't be bothered explaining, Karth knows tho... Blue hair. ^____^


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