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B-Day: 14th February
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Likes: Drawing, Writing, Listening to music, talking online, Anime, Manga, Kamishibai, KiSS dolls, Angels, Furries, Lord of the Rings
Fav Anime: CCS, Escaflowne, Tenchi Muyo, X-Men Evolution
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Fav Music: Ayumi Hamasaki, Madonna, Melanie C, Shania Twain, Linkin Park, Two-Mix, some others
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AIM: Rebeccachan14
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August 11, 2001

Who cares if Hikari posted this @ ?

He... is.... so... HOT!!!!! *glomp*

I mean it, i swear I'm going to marry a Van look-a-like some day ^_^*= *more glomps* Bla Hitomi, hes MINE DAMNIT!!
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My kyara are having an idenity crisis- a gender identity crisis ^^ Everyone thinks Keiran is a girl (haahaha!!!) and that Falcon is a boy (well she beats the crap out of people so if they said otherwise shed flip anyway)...

Keiran: T_T
Me; ^___^
Falcon: ^__^
Me: -_-;

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August 9, 2001

I'm bloody sick of my template i'm changin it
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*sobs* Why do all the perverts still come to my site? What exactly has it to do with "Does Misty have sex with Ash in bed on Pokemon" and "digidestined and digimon fucking hentai" and all the rest?? Nearly every search result I get has either S-E-X or H-E-N-T-A-I in it. Bloody bugger off you people!!!!!!!
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August 8, 2001

I'm back online!!!!! I'm alive!!!! ^_^ I only been gone two days but anyways it was fun, ya...

I went camping with Sion and her sister and a friend, it was good, except for getting up at eight o 'clock to cook breakfast for everyone (O.o) we went up the glen too sometime it was some good weather, it did rain but only at night and most importantly:


Well, not quite but she now has OtakuMascot, loves it, Kamishibai (but only has 1 story I need to send her some more), visits Otakuworld, is addicted to KiSS (but doesn't have it yet) and draws a bit sometimes. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Oh yeah, Sion has a Mascot on Otakuworld, I helped her make (gave it Akeka's voice- it says "I can't take this anymore!!!" when you click on it! and gets angry), so please kind people d/l it and vote for her. ^-^ So I can get her to download all the kewl kamis!!! Thankyou!!

oH yeah, sorry frecks for cutting off on you earlier ^-^;

baibai everybody!!
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August 5, 2001

I know I know! Big Brother. ^___^ That program was interesting... I didn't really watch it but I wanted to find out who won, dizzy ungrateful (when Paul, her house-love gave her gucci stuff she didnt say thankyou just went away with it saying Oh Myyyy God!...) bad table manners (>_<) "I love to blink I do" "Is the Queen's Blood really blue?" Helen... or funny "EVIL DEMONS!!!!!!!" gay air steward Brian (^____^)... but anyway,,

Agh my mouse has stopped working again!!! Someone help me!!! I'm doing all this using the keyboard and it is flipping annoying! And i'll probably have to press tab like forever just to publish the damn thing....

I hate my pc

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