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November 15, 2001

One more thing before I sign off: I think I might lower Keiran's age a bit (to 19- right now I have him at 23). People seem to think he's perverted for doing things with a 16 year old. T_T
Who cares if Hikari posted this @ ?

Everybody wish me luck, my Prelims start tomorrow! >.< I THINK I'll do okay, I'll zoom through Modern Studies, P.E. Studies, History and the likes.... I really need to revise more for maths. I SUCK at maths. Maths is the longest prelim, dang it. It takes up the whole day!!! (btw the prelims start tomorrow and end friday next week, each subject is on a different day and the papers range from 2 to 4 per subject). English is tomorrow..... I better not get writers block, I keep getting it these days.... (in one of the three papers for English I need to write an essay or short story... I have an idea... concerns blood, gangsters and all taht stuff...) Anyway, will stop rabbling on now and go surf- ja ne!
*SotM: ATC- around the world- and not many of my IRL friends read this but if any of you guys are: IT IS NOT A TRENDY SONG AND I AM NOT A TRENDY!!! GRRR!!!*


Oh yeah, I did some work on the costumes for my Zombi Blood kyara... I was drawing the new outfits of Kori, Keiran, Chi Chi, Falcon and Miko and people keep coming up to me for requests of my drawings now.. O_o I'm not even that good! I dun think my Biology teacher's too happy tho', it was his paper I was using. ^_^;;; And his class. ^_^;;;

Okay, now I REALLY am going!! Just be happy I blogged!!! Bye!!!

Who cares if Hikari posted this @ ?


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