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AIM: Rebeccachan14
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December 6, 2001

George's hotmail e-mail addy: Canadakicks__ass@hotmail.com

T_T Mighta guessed
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I'll add Christa and Ronni's links later....

*patpats Chris* Hey well, you're not alone. I don't take Physics (but your physics teacher sounds a hell of a lot like my poof of a biology teacher), but I have failed failed failed loads of my subjects....................................... u_u

Prelims results so far:
I am pissed off at my French teacher. She gave me a 2 for everything, when I got a freaking 1 in my speaking exam fuck her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRR!!!!!!! I should get a damned 1!!! And maths I failed, I got a 2 for problem solving or something... and a 7 (O_o;) for the knowledge and understanding. ^_^;; Man my parents are gonna kill me, I need math if I'm gonna fucking stay in school next year. Man I totally failed that... I'm shit at maths.
English: Good... yet at the same time very bad. Reading I got a 1, I was one of the very few in my class to get that (and it was the top class too), and the exam paper was really hard too. But then Writing exam which I know I am much better at, I get a flipping 3. Some fucking "writer" i am. The person who marked it said I wrote too much and was "too ambitious". Seems to think I should write a nice happy story about someone's experience, or a debate on euthanasia or something istead of a story about a girl dragged into crime and murder and drugs and that... ^^;;; ehehe...
P.E Studies: I SCRAPED a 2,2 and in my general paper which was supposed to be easier I got a 4,4 O__O; P.E Studies is supposed to be piss easy as well (stands for phys. education studies in case you lot dont know). Anyway Mrs M wasnt happy... I would go into all my other subjects but I;m just gonna get even more depressed u_u my dad is gonna KILL me....

SotM: Bitch by some Jap singer....... bla


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December 3, 2001

Adding Kat and Tammy's livejournals to the links, hope they don't mind ^-^
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December 2, 2001

Yesterday was.... o_o I was hanging out at night in town with Sionai at this ski thing, and some skaters were there, we were talking to one of them and hanging out in the high street, and this drunk trendy tried to pick a fight with the skater, pushing him about and snapping his necklace (he was with three other friends). I told him he was pathetic and to fuck off, and my friend (the skater) got a bit mad at me saying the guy could have attacked me or anything for it. Gheez, those skaters have to stick up for themselves more (the drunks went away...). But overall the night was okay.

I have one thing to say before signing off: forget the actor for Wood from HP movie! Orlando Bloom, playing Legolas in The Lord of the Rings is fucking GORGEOUS as him!!!! O_O!!!

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