Hoshi Hikari

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

I feel: okay, relaxed, bit bored

I see: the computer screen

I need: to pass my exam tomorrow, food

I find: whatever

I want: to go abroad, get away from here, write a book, lots of stuff

I have: books, cds, a boring life

I wish: I had a life and money

I love: Van

I hate: Meilin, a guy at my school,

I fear: being unwanted, lonely

I hear: some sad tune that i put into Heart part 2, my moblie phone ringing, better go answer it

I crave: chocolaaaaaaaaate

I regret: a few things, being so damn hesitant, but i wont go into that thast past

When was the last time you.........

Smiled?: this morning

Laughed? this morning, my friends and i were scaring first years,

Cried? I dont know.

Bought something? a couple of days ago, i bought my mum's b-day present

Danced? last disco

Were sarcastic? today i'm a right sarcastic psycho bitch

Kissed someone? .uhh.

Talked to an ex? i dont really have an ex, i have what my friends call an ex, but i dont count it so i wotn answer

Watched your favorite movie? i like a few movies, i watched a good one on saturday with sion-chan

Had a nightmare? i dont know, its been quite a while unless i had one i dont remember

A Last time for everything...

Last book you read: i'm re-reading Robert Jordan's Winter's Heart

Last movie you saw: X-men the Movie

Last song you heard: that sad song

Last thing you had to drink: capri sun

Last time you showered: this morning

Last thing you ate: an apple

Do You...

Smoke? no, i did try it once ages ago with my old group, i didnt like it, so i dont smoke

Do drugs? No although some of my friends say i could have fooled them

Sleep with stuffed animals? no

Live in the moment? yes

Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No

Have a dream that keeps coming back? no, i had once, that was wierd

Play an instrument? no, i used to do the violin tho,

Believe there is life on other planets? i dont know. i dont think so i think that humans just yearn to not be alone

Remember your first love? yes

Still love him/her? no

Read the newspaper? yeah, man what a load of junk ^_^ its funny

Believe in miracles? yeah i guess

Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? depends on the people

Consider yourself tolerant of others? usually

Consider love a mistake? depends

Like the taste of alcohol? uh........ ^_^;;;

Have a favorite candy: candy *lol* what a wierd name for it. i like turkish delights i like a few tho.

Believe in astrology? its cool but i dont know if its real

Believe in magic? magic is cool its a pity its not real

Believe in God? yes

Pray? sometimes

Go to church? sometimes

Have any secrets? lots

Have any pets? yes, a dog

Do well in school? most subjects, but not in maths -_-;

Go to or plan to go to college? yes (it'll be my one-way ticket outta here!)

Have a major? i dunno really what that is, our system's different from america's.

Talk to strangers who instant message you? After I tell them I'm a 1500 year old she-male living in Fanelia (or sometimes OW) they usually go away ^_^;

Wear hats? sometimes i wear a baseball cap

Have any piercings? yes, ears

Have any tattoos? no but a dragon entwined around my arm would be cool

Hate yourself? yes

Have an obsession? anime/manga/drawing thats my obsessions.

Collect anything? not really

Have a best friend? i have a couple of best friends, the ones i can trusts the most are Kakaia and Sion

Wish on stars? Not really

Like your handwriting? no, it's a mess

Have any bad habits? i'm stubborn, probably loads others

Saturday, September 22, 2001

Just came home from Sionai's, we was watching X-men movie, I like, I like. ^_^ And *surprise* Sionai liked it too! She's not too crazy about the cartoons, but the movie is really good and has nice special effects. I 'specially liked the bit when they were all in the building which was made partly of copper, which meant Storm couldn't use her powers, It was funny to watch her get really frustrated until finally she fought the baddy manually, took him outside and said "Do you know what happens to a toad hit by lightening?" (the baddie had toady-powers, tongue and stuff). "The same as everything else." and then totally fried him. ^__^ Man that was cool! Oh yeah, and her hair is cool. Really cool. I'm gonna dye my hair white one day. it's probably too light but oh well.


In other news, had my first of the two maths tests on Thursday, I don't think I did as bad as I thought I would, but I'm still dreading the results. >_< Wahh... Oh yeah, did some Heart 2 pics, man Ryu takes ages to draw! O_o

Well, gonna go now catch up on blogs, so Ja!

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Bloody hell! Heart 2 is 81 scenes long, and that's not including the title and thanks scenes... maybe I should cut it, just a little. -_-; .. I have a big maths test Thursday I'm gonna faiiil!! *cries* It's important too, if I fail it I dont sit a credit prelim and that has an effect on my future. ;_;

Monday, September 17, 2001


*glomps freckles-chan* its so cuute! ^-^ thankyou!!

Saturday, September 15, 2001

Today me and Sionai were supposed to go cycling up Anoach Mhor (or whatever, I can't spell Gaelic -_-;) but it suddenly started pouring with rain so we didn't. We just cycled a little bit up the canal, then went to her dad's and played Might and Magic 2 and 7. ^_^

Um.. not much to say.... listening to Ayumi Hamasaki. Wow. Uh the name is "As If" tho I dunno if thats the right name.. but its cool.

That's all, bye!

Friday, September 14, 2001

Finally added Tenchi and Becky to my links. ^_^; Yeah I'm lazy that's why I didn't do it either.. Bye!

I'm gonna get hell for being on the net O_o but oh well...

Just a quickie blog, today I had to endure AN HOUR AND A HALF of maths, *shudders*, it was an extended period cause of the three minute silence today. It was supposed to be 12pm but thats European time, here it was 11am. And a girl in my class' mobile went off half way through ^_^ she was totally embarresed, and yeah, a girl I know slightly got egged since it's her birthday ^__^ ...

I just came home from a small award ceromony thing for the Duke of Edinburgh, and Sion's mum makes the BEST cakes..... *drools* *mouth waters* Oh yeah, I'm going cycling tomorrow with Sion, it'll probably rain, it's really raining hard but oh well ^_^

That's all for now......... baibai! ^_~

Thursday, September 13, 2001

D: I dunno about Canada but the reason London closed some of its buildings is because we're such a close ally with the USA and our goverment was shit-scared we'd be targeted next for interfering and supporting America. 'kay?

Ribby, if you want to find out where somewhere is try MapQuest.com..



I'm thinking about Susan right now, shes in New York... i wish i could phone her

*kaykay 'm calmer now* ^_^;

I wish I could go to the bin Laden right fucking now and kick his bloody behind! He's so pissing me off how can he laugh about all this and congratulate the suicide pilots? He's bloody lunatic thats what he is. He says that the United States have invited Allah's wrath by trying to take over the whole world by force, and he thanks alimight allah and bows before him. Now I know a few muslims and theyre all shocked as well SHUT UP YOU BLOODY IDIOT YOU'RE JUST USING ALL THIS AS AN EXCUSE.

*pouts* I wish I was old enough to join the army and help. I'm just in the spirit to do it right now these people piss me off


I'm watching the live news on the World Trade Centre thing, I know I know but I'm really interested and all that about it all... oh my god another building is collapsing!! Ghee wiz how many others??


I'll try to change the subject..

Oh yeah: Rangers were banned from the UEFA cup for 2 years HAHAHA! ^_^


I can't, I'ms till thinking about everything. Bush is almost crying. I'm mad.

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

I got an email from keenspace today, my account is ready. Man its confusing tho all this ftp stuff *doesnt know how to use it and her browser apparently doesnt allow it either* >_< I think I'm beginning to understand but I don't really feel in the mood to upload any strips. I've still not heard from Kat and Katherine and Shelsey and everyone else. Man I hope theres not world war III because its just too dangerous.

i hope everyones alright


Tuesday, September 11, 2001

I emailed everyone in Nemesis (our comic) to see if they were okay. I've only heard from one person so far even though i emailed this afternoon (which is morning there). Orion replied and lost a few relatives in New York. My thoughts are with her family. I'm still waiting for everyone else.

I just saw a picture of Manhatten right now. It's terrible, there's smoke, fire and debris everywhere.

And in my country news: the prime minister just arrived back in Downing Street (he was in another part of the country when all this happened) and mps all over are meeting, and other ppl.

"WORKERS in Britain were evacuated from high-profile buildings today amid concern they could be the next target.

The London Stock Exchange, the Lloyds building, Canary Wharf and the NatWest Tower in central London were among those with workers streaming out as panic spread across the world over the extraordinary terrorist attacks in the US.

American banks and British companies in the City sent workers home as a precaution as news of the devastation in New York and Washington broke.

One worker at Canary Wharf, Britain's tallest tower, said: "We were watching what was happening in America when suddenly the power cut out in our office and the fire alarm went off.

"I don't know why it did, but nobody needed much more encouragement to get out."


And it's getting worse by the minute. Any kami people in New York or Washington? Washington is as bad, car bombs, the Mall is on fire, two planes........ eek. O.o

OH - MY - GOD.

Are there any kami people in New York or Washington? God I hope not and if so I hope none of their family or them have been in the horrible events that's happenening right now. I feel so sorry for the people working there right now two, for those who don't know what's happend (and i dont know why, its on national news everywhere) HIJACKED PLANES HAVE CRASHED INTO THE WORLD TRADE TOWERS, THE TOWERS HAVE COLLAPSED, THEY WERE BIG PLANES SO THE RESULTS ARE DEVESATING THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF LIVES ARE BEING LOST, ALSO THE PENTEGON IS ON FIRE AFTER ANOTHER (HIJACKED) PLANE CRASHED INTO IT, PART OF IT IS DESTROYED, ALL BRIDGES ETC TO MANHATTEN HAVE BEEN CLOSED, ANOTHER HIJACKED PLANE IS ON ITS WAY TO WASHINGTON. These are probably terrorist attacks, but the results are devesating. Even here (in London) the effects have been felt, the stock market has crashed really bad, I'm just so glad that my dad took his shares out just a while ago (he had shares in it and although he did lose some at least he took them out, otherwise we would have lost so much) so many companies are going to go bankrupt, and

there is a really high chance of war, because american people will want revenge.

i wonder if its the palistians, they're denying it altough one of their terrorist groups claimed responsiblity (but then its like bloody monday, everyone does that)

i'm going now O.O

Saturday, September 08, 2001

Wai, I'm back ^_^ And Steven fixed the prob *glomp Steven* thankyou! And Happy B-day OW!

Anyway yesterday was the Highschool Hike, it was through Leanchan Forest or someplace, last year was 17 miles I think it was only about 15 this time I'm not sure. But it was fun ^-^ I started with George, Sion and Linda, then we caught up with Lauren and Nicola who had gone before us, then overtook us and me, Nicola and Sion went off on our own ahead cause I had to get back before half 2 (my parents were away I needed to pick my little sis up from school). And clever 'Becca-chan sprained her ankle. ^_^;; But it was fun! Except I was soaked right through, not only coz of the rain (believe me I'm used to THAT, it rains 24/7 here!) but coz me and Sion ran through the burn taking a shortcut because we couldnt be bothered going over the bridge so we went through burn with a teachers dog (two i mean) and got totally soaked *PHEWWWW*. ^_^;;


Wai, Rikki did me fanart ^___^ And don' worry, Ryu does like the drink now and then, hello she lives with Toyo! ^__^ Toyo would drive anyone to the drink.... I dunno if he appeared his full personality in part 1, dont think so, but oh well people will understand everything more in part 2.


Meg's contest results! Well done D and Freckles!! Freckles your one was so cuuute and D's was funny ^__^ Everyone else did such good entries too....... ah.. *drools over Rukura* I'll definetely be entering next time too ^__^ I have an idea too for next time, and I'll include Luci-kun too XD

I got invited bowling my mum says maybe I shouldnt go coz of my ankle I'll just say it it's okay now (it isn't buti wanna goooo! ^_^;;).


Monday, September 03, 2001

OW won't let me on grr i definetely have right username and password but it wont let me on ;_; damn it i wanna d/l polaris!

Sunday, September 02, 2001

i feel so damned depressed right now i have writers block and i have an essay to write for tomorrow and i cant write a word of it ;___; i hate life

Joine envy.nu, I just hope they allow outside linking!!!

I joined keenspace. It says it'll take minimum 4 weeks to set up the account tho. _


Saturday, September 01, 2001

I stll haven't gotten around to
that quiz thing that some of you guys were doing, so here it is:

Living Arrangement?

Living with my parents, my two younger sisters and a dog

What book are you reading

Just finished re-reading "The Angel Of Death", I think
it was Jack Higgins.... Someone Higgins... argh the name just
went out of my head. ^_^; And I started last night reading
Salamandastron by Brian Jacques.

What's on your mouse pad?

No mouse pad. *sweatdrops* I took it off for now, since I draw
better without it (my mouse is evil!!!! it is so hard to control
>_<) The normal one is just a regular Tiny one.

Favorite Board Game?

Uhh... probably Balderdash, it's hilarious (but the first
original game is better I think) um... I can't think what else...
Monopoly I guess when I have the time... no wait I know! CHESS!

Favorite Magazine?

I mostly read computer magazines, or playstation/gameboy ones, I
wish my newsagents had some anime ones ;_; man, I can't even
order then..

Favorite smells?

What? Um, I don't know ^_^;;

Favorite sounds?

Music. Jpop, anime soundtracks etc. I don't know if that counts
but oh well ^_^

Worst feeling in the world?

Being lonely (everyone should have someone) or not able to be
with the one you love

What is the first thing you
think of when you wake up in the morning?

More sleep... zzzzzzzzzz

Future daughter's name?

Hang on just a dang minute- what child? Ah well... I dunno, but
if it was a boy, Kei or Keiran. ^___^

Favorite food?

Lemon and sugar pancakes, salt and vinegar crisps, honey. *_*
Those are my addictions. And cherry coke but that's a drink so I
don't think that counts... (I don't like normal coke... once you
subsitute it it hard to go back)

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate. I'm not to keen on vanilla.

Do you like to drive fast?

Well I'm not old enough to drive yet but going really fast open
air is great (skating, that is really cool, going REALLY fast
skating! I mean down-hill REALLY fast!)

Do you sleep with a stuffed

No but I have an adorable little dog cuddly, he's so nice and

What type was your first car?

Not old enough yet

Favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Water, or cherry coke, ba- oh wait non-alcoholic... damn... (only
j/k!!! ^_^;)

Do you eat the stems of

Don't eat it at all

If you could have any job you
wanted, what would it be?

Writer. Also I quite like making console and pc games, mostly the
images, and I want a GUN! *sweatdrops*(actually i prefer martial
arts to guns.. hang on I'm way of track ^_^;;; better go to next

If you could dye your hair
any color, what would it be?

I just had my hair dyed purple (and before that red) but I quite
like my hair right now, it goes nice and lighter in the sun

Ever been in love?

I thought so, but maybe I was blind.... I'm confused at the
moment about it all

Is the glass half full or
half empty?

I drank it.

Favorite movies?

>_< I can't think right now......... uh.... a lot.. ^_^;

Are you a lefty or a righty?


Do you type with your fingers
on the right keys?

Well, mostly but I sometimes make some mistakes and make what I
say sound not good O.o;;;

What's under your bed?

Folders with artwork and writing, some old school stuff, and
something other stuff..

What is your favorite number?

7 or 14, probably 14

Favorite sport to watch?

Probably the Olympics, or football... I don't really watch the
sport channels, you kidden with my sport-mad sister and my dad in
the house! ^_^

What is your favorite

I don't really have one.. um, maybe the summer hols. No wait!
V-day!!! Coz on that day I get presents ^-^

If you could take a trip
anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Oh believe me I'm gonna be travelling everywhere baby. America,
Japan, Canada... everywhere.

What era would you time
travel to, just to visit?

Medival times in the hope that dragons did exist ^-^ I want one
as a pet!

What is your favorite color?

I have a couple. Dark purple, forest green...

What famous person would you
trade places with for a day?

umm.. Naoko Takuchi, or someone in Clamp, Harry Potter, Li from
Cardcaptors, or maybe Kinomoto Sakura from Cardcaptors, LI! ^-^

What is your favorite flower?

Dunno, I dont really know the difference from most of them ^_^;;

Favorite song?

I have a lot, right now it's "Tooi Kono Machide " (hey
Freckles, be proud of me ^_^) or one by Uehara Takako I not sure
its name its under an English name tho it's in Japanese (come
closer to me)

Favorite memory?

I dont wish to share it.. ~___~

Worst fear?

Being lonely, not being in control of my life

Favorite car?

Dunno, mercedez-benz or saab or something? ^_^;

Favorite thing about the year

It was just like any other year really, making friends with a
certain someone

Favorite quote:

I don't really have one. Well I have a few I like but not a
fave... how about my blog layout name? Or... FREEEEEEEEEDOM!
(historical nevermind ^-^)

I took my lil sister to see Shrek since she hasn't seen it, so I dragged Sion along too (^-^) even though both of us already seen it. It was still good and the thing about the dragon and the donkey: that is so sweeet!

Looking after lil kids is a nightmare. T_T Oh well at least I get some cash outta it ^_^ *lol*

England are playing vs Germany right now, KICK THERE ASSES!!!!!! YAI!!!! (I'm talking to Germany!) ^_^ Heck you can't blame me I'm Scottish. ^_^ Ah well England are winning right now, 2-1 so heck, let the best team win (germany!!!! ^_^;)

thankyou freckles!! ^_^ *starts singing the words now*

Bye all ^_~

Oh btw, I think you have to paste the below links into your browser to see them. ^_^;


Ok, Chibi Hikari linked work but I said the others wrong. So here they are:

Falcon + Kori


And a Cardcaptor, I don't know if its Sakura, I just drew it I wasnt thinking about it really...