Hoshi Hikari

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Christmas is a time to be happy and nice and bla bla bla well yeah whatever, the world can just fuck off.

Monday, December 24, 2001

Happy Zmas and a *hic* merry new beer everyone!

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

I like this pic.

Oh yeah I forgot someone in my school wore an anime shirt to the disco hehe ^^ I think everyone was looking at him weirdly... but it was cool, it was clamp-CCS style! .... And also someone- no TWO guys, wore kilts *lol* I wont go into that tho... god one was even wearing it in school today O_o mad people.

hehe.. I think Becky still has her hangover... ^-^ (she was so blooming out of it that she didnt even recognise her own neechan)


Last night was the disco XD And no despite what some certain people thought no I was not pissed, I was completely sober.... Anyway the disco was good, all the time I was thinking of a CERTAIN PERSON, *lol* na just kidding, just saying that to annoy Sionai. ^^ Won't blog details tho but it was......... good ^_^



Note to self: Ghost in the Shell is on Sci-Fi Sunday, midnight (whoohoo)!

Sunday, December 16, 2001

*lol*, yeah that's funny huh? I got that one too- lemme guess, Jo sent you it? Hey btw, I got some clothes for the disco, I got a lacy top, and nice trousers to go with it (pink dress and pig-tails HAH RIGHT! I don't care if you've joined in scheming with Becky Nadia and George for that, but there's no way you'll get me to wear that). I got sandals too coz I have like practically no shoes... They're black too, they're nice. I like my outfit, although the top is, *ahem* a bit, reavealing.... ^_^;

I wrapped my Christmas pressies, I bought most in inverness, I just have Heather and Lauren to buy for (what the hell does Lauren like apart from soaking George in a one-way water-fight??) and I have some of Nadias to do... I need to draw, ink, CG and print on good quality paper an anime drawing for Nadia... O_o Yeah I know who would want my drawings for xmas?? But then Nad usually spends a bomb on stuff, so hey, if that's what she wants, hey fine with me (of course I'm getting her something with that).

Sionai! Dunno if I can come right over to your house after school tomorrow, but I will still come over, just an hour or two later. And is your mum still gonna give us a lift to the disco, coz my mum will give us a lift back.

I dunno if blogger will post this....

Ok, ja! *goes off to read other blogs*

Whoohoo blogger is working again! ... I think.

Saturday, December 15, 2001

*looks at Sionai* how many freaking ways do you spell my name!! O_O

Hmm interesting when I do tarot readings for myself (just simple three-card spread) I keep getting the Empress... O_o

*looks at Sionai* how many freaking ways do you spell my name!! O_O

Hmm interesting when I do tarot readings for myself (just simple three-card spread) I keep getting the Empress... O_o

Friday, December 14, 2001


Hehehe.... I bugged her into it. Maybe she'll do it more often now. No not maybe, you WILL. *looks at Sionai* Oh yeah, I'm going to da same place as you tomorrow (not to the cinema, I've already seen Harry Potter, its okay... but yeah LotR is gonna be SOOO better!). So I might see ya. Anyway if not, see ya later.

Listening to Linkin Park again In the End rules! It's such a cool song.


Too bad your blog is pink Sionai. Now I shall have to kill you.

Have several nice days.

73.Do you want your friends to do this survey: I think that most of my online friends have already done it, and most of the others don't HAVE a blog!
OR, don't even WRITE IN THEIR BLOG!!!!!!! *looks at Sionai* yes, I know you're reading this!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2001

I *THINK* my archives are working now... not sure tho'. But I mastered FTPing *relief*

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

The quiz that oh-so-lazy me didn't do ages ago when everyone else did!

1.Full Name: Rebecca C to you
2.Nicknames: Hikari, Becks, Becky, Becki, Becka, Rebs, Rebba-chan, Rebecca-chan, H (for Hikari, not Hentai the person who calls me that has NO knowledge of the Japanese language whatsover!!)
3.Eyes: Green
4.Height: Uh, not sure, 5 ft something
5.Hair: Dark Blonde/Strawberry-blondish
6.Siblings: Two lil' sisters
7.shoe size: 6, UK size
8.Age: 14
9.Birthday: 14th February (V-Day)
10.Sign: Aquarius.
11.Where you live: Scotland
12.Sex: Female
13.Righty or lefty: Righty

for girls to fill out on guys:

14.Boxers or briefs: Boxers
15.Long or short hair: I dun really mind but long hair is sometimes really sexy.... as long as they take care of it O_o not like those rockstars
16.Tall or short: Tall
17. 6 pac or bisceps?: Um, can't I have both? ^_^;
18.Good or bad guy: Oooh difficult. Baddy-goodie guy. Like good guy but not to good, with some bad... whatever..
19.Hat or no hat? Depends. Some hats make some guys look damn cute. Others make them look damn dorky.
20.Ears pierced or not: One ear maybe
21.Tan or fair: Tanned *drool*
22.Freckles or none: whatever, freckled-boy = cutiee!
23. Stubble or neatly shaved: Shaved
24.Rugged or sportsy: sportsy I guess, but i'd prefer inbetween (note to IRL friends: THAT DOESNT MEAN I LIKE A TRENDY!!!!!! >__<)
25. Studly or cutie: both! dang it choices are hard.... cutie
26.Accent or not: Mmm accent

on girls for guys to fill out

27. regular underwear or thong
28.Painted nails or not:
29.Bra or sports bra:
30.Cute n'mysterious or wild n'sexy:
31.Dressy or casual:
32.Dark or blonde:
33.Long or short hair:
34.Dark or light eyes:
35.eyes or no eyes:
36.Hat or no hat:
37.Good or bad girl:
38.Fat or thin:
39. Hair up or down:
40.Jewelery or none:
41.Tall or short:
42.Curly or straight hair:
43.Pants or dress:
44.Tan or fair:
45.Freckles or none:
46.Preppy indoor chick or party chick:
47.Prissy or grunge:
48.Accent or canadian:
49.Shy or outgoing:


50.Chocolate or white milk: Chocolate!!! I don't drink milk, so chocolate!
51.Rootbeer or dr. pepper: I've heard of dr. pepper but i've not heard of rootbeer. I don't like dr. pepper.
52.Sunshine or rain: Rain-y day maaaan!! *sings*
53.Vanilla or chocolate: Chocolate.
54.skiing or boarding: Oooh tough one O_o boarding is hard but really fun! But I do more skiiing, so skiing! (skiiing rules but blading is just as good!)
55.Day or night: Night, oh yeah!
56.Summer or winter: Winter!
57.Cake or pie: Cake
58.Love or lust: What a stoopid question.... but I guess love
59.Silver or gold: Silver
60.Diamond or pearl: diamond i guess but i dont wear much expensive stuff like that, usually i wear only silver or aymethest + stuff like that
61.Sunset or sunrise?: Both are nice
62.Have you ever gone skinny dipping: Which is? ^^; don't use that phrase over here
63.Do you sleep with stuffed animals: No.. apart from the blood-drenched half-ripped-apart voodoo doll that is by my bed... should I? (just j/k about the voodoo doll!!... i think)
64.Have you ever broke/sprained/fractured a bone: Sprained my ankle once and got my thumb bone outta place (that was sore >_<) but thats about it, I've been lucky so far
65.Do you have any piercing: Yeah, three holes in my ears, I had four but once closed up ^_^;;
66.Do you sing in the shower: Sometimes...
67.Whats your favourite colour: Purple... and green. And black. Not pink!!! I LOATHE pink!
68.Whats your favorite band: Most of the music I like comes from non-bands, like Ayu...
69.Who do you dream about: Weird stuff.
70.Who are your friends: Sionai, George, Rach, Lauren, Morven, Nicola, Susan, Nadia, Heather, Louise, Lara, then there's more that I don't hang with as often. And there's my friends from the kami forum, and from nemesis. And not forgetting my American pal Abbey (Abs)!
71. who outa all of you is the loudest?: *koffGeorgeandLaurenkoff*
72.Who do you tell your dreams to: I usually keep them to myself, I sometimes tell close friends
73.Do you want your friends to do this survey: I think that most of my online friends have already done it, and most of the others don't HAVE a blog!

*sniff* aww its so beautiful!!! But anyway, onto reading blogs...

Since some people are talking about it, here is MY timetable:

Modern Studies

Modern Studies

Modern Studies
Modern Studies

P.E. Studies
Computing Studies

Computing Studies
P.E. Studies

And that's my week! Damn some of you are lucky that some school days are shorter than others! Damn!

I think that it's working... WHOOHOOO!!! ^___^

ARGGHH!!! >_<


I think I'll move the blog to Tripod.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

DAMNINATION!!!! Grrr, tried signing up with Tripod and all I get is this stupid lot of "Hosted By Tripod" signs. ARGHH!!

Hey Alex! Do you think you could host some pics for me?? That'd be really good if you could but if its ok if not.


I want to put my new layout up, it looks kewl with the pics I chose. But I don't have anywhere to host them grrrrr!!! I wanted to put "In the End" by Linkin park in the background music but oh well. Now I jsut need somewhere that allows outside linking.... *sigh* Oh yeah, its called "Not so Innocent Angels".

Sunday, December 09, 2001

oh yeah forgot the actual test thing:


Legolas Greenleaf

If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Legolas, Elf, a son of the King of Mirkwood.

In the movie, I am played by Orlando Bloom.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

Oh my god, omh my god ^_^ I took that Lord of the Rings test you took, and I got Legolas straight away!!! Hehe happy happy!!! And nice pic ^_~

Today we threw a surprise party for rach it was cool, and i gained money from a bet but dun ask, and george has loadsa baloons now ^^;;; we messed the place up totally, sorrry george's parents!! we had this canadian stuff too "kool-ade" haha funny name, thats cool!


Thursday, December 06, 2001

George's hotmail e-mail addy: Canadakicks__ass@hotmail.com

T_T Mighta guessed

I'll add Christa and Ronni's links later....

*patpats Chris* Hey well, you're not alone. I don't take Physics (but your physics teacher sounds a hell of a lot like my poof of a biology teacher), but I have failed failed failed loads of my subjects....................................... u_u

Prelims results so far:
I am pissed off at my French teacher. She gave me a 2 for everything, when I got a freaking 1 in my speaking exam fuck her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRR!!!!!!! I should get a damned 1!!! And maths I failed, I got a 2 for problem solving or something... and a 7 (O_o;) for the knowledge and understanding. ^_^;; Man my parents are gonna kill me, I need math if I'm gonna fucking stay in school next year. Man I totally failed that... I'm shit at maths.
English: Good... yet at the same time very bad. Reading I got a 1, I was one of the very few in my class to get that (and it was the top class too), and the exam paper was really hard too. But then Writing exam which I know I am much better at, I get a flipping 3. Some fucking "writer" i am. The person who marked it said I wrote too much and was "too ambitious". Seems to think I should write a nice happy story about someone's experience, or a debate on euthanasia or something istead of a story about a girl dragged into crime and murder and drugs and that... ^^;;; ehehe...
P.E Studies: I SCRAPED a 2,2 and in my general paper which was supposed to be easier I got a 4,4 O__O; P.E Studies is supposed to be piss easy as well (stands for phys. education studies in case you lot dont know). Anyway Mrs M wasnt happy... I would go into all my other subjects but I;m just gonna get even more depressed u_u my dad is gonna KILL me....

SotM: Bitch by some Jap singer....... bla



Monday, December 03, 2001

Adding Kat and Tammy's livejournals to the links, hope they don't mind ^-^

Sunday, December 02, 2001

Yesterday was.... o_o I was hanging out at night in town with Sionai at this ski thing, and some skaters were there, we were talking to one of them and hanging out in the high street, and this drunk trendy tried to pick a fight with the skater, pushing him about and snapping his necklace (he was with three other friends). I told him he was pathetic and to fuck off, and my friend (the skater) got a bit mad at me saying the guy could have attacked me or anything for it. Gheez, those skaters have to stick up for themselves more (the drunks went away...). But overall the night was okay.

I have one thing to say before signing off: forget the actor for Wood from HP movie! Orlando Bloom, playing Legolas in The Lord of the Rings is fucking GORGEOUS as him!!!! O_O!!!